An Exploratory Study of a User's Facebook Security and

Safety Tips for Social Networking Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to connect with friends. But there are some social networking safety tips you should always keep in mind. Manage your privacy settings. Learn about and use the privacy and security settings on your social networking sites. They help you control who sees what you post and manage your online Teens, Social Media, and Privacy | Pew Research Center May 21, 2013 Kids and Socializing Online | FTC Consumer Information Many social networking sites and chat rooms have adjustable privacy settings, so you can restrict who has access to your kids’ profiles. Talk to your kids about the importance of these settings, and your expectations for who should be allowed to view their profile. Set high privacy preferences on your kids' chat and video chat accounts, as well. Internet Safety: Social Media Privacy Basics Review your privacy settings. As we mentioned above, all social networking sites have privacy settings that allow you to control who you share with. For example, whenever you share something on Facebook, you can choose to share with just a few people, all of your Facebook friends, or …

The importance of privacy settings on social networks

Social media services such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and other online services such as Google generally have privacy settings that allow you to control how much of your information can be viewed by others. Before posting information or images on social networking sites, change the default privacy settings.

May 20, 2011

Therefore, it is vital to learn and understand how to use the privacy features your social media sites have to offer. You have to bear in mind each social media platforms has its own settings and some are more complicated than others. We’ll go through privacy settings … Privacy Protection Issues in Social Networking Sites The impulse in this paper lies in proposing a novel approach for improving the privacy among the social networking sites .The article presents the issues by a novel approach based on tagging and a Privacy issues in social-networking sites | Network World With social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace, sharing your private thoughts or daily happenings with friends became commonplace. These sites cater particularly to the college-age crowd Social Media - Stay Safe Online Keep personal info personal: Be cautious about how much personal information you provide on social networking sites. The more information you post, the easier it may be for a hacker or someone else to use that information to steal your identity, access your data or commit other crimes such as stalking.