To remotely backup data from PC remotely, you can: - through browser and login ADM File Explorer - through ABP (Asustor Backup Plan utility) installed in PC - through NAS ftp etc.. To remotely backyp data or photo from iPhone or Android Phone: You can in

Sep 10, 2018 · To get acquainted with the NAS and ADM Asustor has some QR codes on the inside of the packaging to help you get started. All of Asustor NAS devices come in a well-packaged plastic foam to protect from any accidental damages. (2020-01-22, 21:18) Fordlobus Wrote: Since updating to latest version of ADM, Kodi does not work in either of them. Is there any way to revert the ADM upgrade instead? Unfortunately, you will have to contact Asustor for your questions. If Asustor broke something in their Asustor Disk Management tool, then Asustor will have to fix it. Jun 02, 2020 · AiData is ASUSTOR’s file management app for Android devices. AiData allows you to browse the files stored on your NAS and also share them with family and friends. Key Features: - Browse files in real-time (Documents, Video & Audio) - Download items for offline browsing - Offline browsing storage quota - Upload photos from an Android device directly to an ASUSTOR NAS - Cross-cloud file ASUSTOR.© All Rights Reserved 2012-2019. Home | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | WWW.ASUSTOR.COM Aug 20, 2019 · Security is well-covered also, as this NAS has a built-in firewall, ASUSTOR’s own ADM Defender for additional network protection. Internal data can be protected with AES-256 folder encryption as well as antivirus software, and you can also enable 2-factor authentication. Jul 12, 2016 · ASUSTOR OS: ADM. At the heart of the ASUSTOR experience is its operating system, ADM. ASUSTOR has designed ADM to act and feel like the desktop environment on our computers. Clicking on an icon will open a window that can be moved around the screen and minimized, but for some reason, cannot be resized. The best feature of ADM is the ASUSTOR App Jan 10, 2020 · Asustor's Lockerstor 10 Pro In H2 2019, Asustor had launched the Lockerstor 8 (AS6508T) and Locketstor 10 (AS6510T) tower form-factor NAS units along with demonstrations of the AS-T10G and AS-U2

ASUSTOR.© All Rights Reserved 2012-2019. Home | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | WWW.ASUSTOR.COM

ASUSTOR’s comprehensive backup solution provides more than twelve backup options, including, but not limited to Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Onedrive. ASUSTOR Backup Plan for Windows as well as Time Machine for macOS provide easy backups for desktop and laptops while MyArchive removable hard drives provide long term storage.

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Aug 28, 2017 · ADM 3.0 enhances the ASUSTOR NAS experience with a freshly redesigned interface that creates an intuitive tablet-like usage experience while also integrating Internet Pass-through functionality. “Since the launch of the ADM 3.0 Beta, we have consistently been receiving great feedback for its intuitive and easy to use interface,” said Leon