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Recruited—How I Got Into the CIA - FEMININE COLLECTIVE After obtaining a masters degree in Arab Studies at Georgetown University, Michele applied—along with hundreds of others from the university--to work for the CIA. After a long and grueling hiring process and a year of intensive training, she became an intelligence officer for the National Clandestine Service, the covert (operational) arm of Questions and Answers about Central Intelligence Agency CIA sent me an invite and then an assessments test (quantitative(math), logical reasoning and English; I passed the tests with very high grades (it's mostly online until the physical interview); then they sent me a plane ticket, hotel and travel money reimbursement forms (when you are reimbursed at the conclusion of the interview); then you show up for the interview or you don't CIA Hiring Process..I'm not a Boy Scout Now I'm starting the process the long CIA hiring process, but I am not confident that I will make even receive a conditional offer of employment. I had two DUIs, and smoked marijuana frequently while in college. I also sporadically tried cocaine, shrooms, and ecstacy, but never used it on a regular basis. This all occurred before I went to Europe. CIA Careers - Police Forums & Law Enforcement Forums

How the CIA Hires: 5 Most Important Interview Questions

The CIA is hunting for its next generation of talent

Nov 06, 2014

How to get the CIA to recruit you - Quora Here’s how I did it. During my last year of grad school (International Relations) at UCLA, I got a note in my mailbox one day that “Mr. Smith”, a representative of the Central Intelligence Agency, was in town for a few days and staying at a local