How to create a SOCKS proxy server through SSH

unix - How do I connect to a server behind an socks5 proxy That server is behind a socks5 proxy on the same network. The port of the proxy server is 1080 and the ssh port is 22. SOCKS Proxy via SSH reverse tunnel – ThinkHel Mar 07, 2020 How to create an SSH SOCKS proxy - Simplified Guide

Jun 12, 2003

PuTTY is configured for socks5 proxy tunnelling, and Firefox is enabled to send DNS requests over SSH, and Chrome also (I checked dnsleaktest, and my home configured google public DNS is used, not the company one, no DNS leaks here). I had to set company proxy in Putty to have access to Internet. Using SSH as a SOCKS proxy - LinkedIn Learning The SSH client on my system here … is acting as a SOCKS proxy which can … take web traffic and send the request elsewhere. … So instead of browsing from your local computer, … the traffic goes through the tunnel, … to the remote system, and it appears … that your traffic comes from there. …

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