Pandora states in 2012, they had over 150 Million users and currently, less than 5% of the active listeners had paid subscriptions. Pandora is only available in the US, Australia, and New Zealand but a good SmartDNS will allow you to have access the free service from anywhere in the world.

Netflix recently launched in South Africa, finally bringing the beloved on-demand streaming service to our shores. For many of us though, we’ve been watching Netflix and other streaming services for years, bypassing the geo-restrictions put in place by content providers through the use of VPNs and DNS services like Unotelly and Unblock US. Does this mean UnoTelly won't work anymore? : newzealand New Zealand's archaic genetic technology law stifling breakthrough science. 1066 to watch to see what happens here. I suspect this will become a game of cat and mouse, especially with the likes of unotelly who tend to be a bit more innovative. They certainly won't go down without a fight imo. I contacted my DNS provider to ask how they Roku 3, Unotelly and Lightbox NZ | AVForums Sep 09, 2015 Unotelly virus like behaviour

Sep 03, 2014

Using UnoTelly dynamic dns: I've had problems for the past week. There are specific UnoTelly ('us test 1' etc) to help with problems. It's still a game of back and forth. An AMA from UnoTelly would be helpful to understand what is going on

UnoTelly is Canadian firm best known for its Smart DNS service. The VPN service is an extra that UnoTelly has designed to bolster its main service. Last year, the VPN provided primarily Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), which is highly insecure. However, it now also offers OpenVPN, which is a lot more secure.

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